FreeStyle Libre Impact of food and exercise

FreeStyle Libre Impact of food and exercise

Know how food impacts your glucose level

  • See how and what you eat can change your glucose
  • Know how to enjoy a meal without having to stress about what you are eating
glucose monitoring device arm glucose monitoring device arm
Sugar testing machine 

FreeStyle Libre provides the insights you need to make informed decisions about food

Know how exercise can lower your glucose level

  • Know what exercise is right for you and can impact your glucose
  • Know how other day-to-day activities impact your glucose levels
Cgm device arm Cgm device arm
Cgm sensor 

FreeStyle Libre can help you exercise without worrying about having low glucose events

FreeStyle Libre is proven to support better glucose control5,14,22

Of FreeStyle Libre users surveyed,


Find it easier to regulate glucose around a meal11


Engage in exercise more frequently11


Report a better understanding of their glucose fluctuations11

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