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See glucose readings on your smartphone with an easy scan6, even through clothing11 using FreeStyle LibreLink App*


View your current reading, trend arrow and glucose history for the past 8 hours using your smartphone


Share glucose data with your loved ones and doctor to make better decisions together


Check reports on your phone or get more details from LibreLink for better glucose control

Available for both iPhone and Android

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View your current reading, trend arrow,
and history

How to start a new sensor with the
FreeStyle LibreLink App*

Open the FreeStyle LibreLink and point your phone towards the newly applied sensor. Scan the sensor.

You will need to wait for 60 minutes after the sensor has been applied. Your phone will provide a countdown.

After 60 minutes you will receive a notification on the FreeStyle LibreLink App, letting you know that the sensor is ready to go.

How to enable NFC on your smartphone

  • FreeStyle LibreLink App* works with NFC(Near Field Communication) enabled smartphones only
  • Check your device settings for NFC feature & enable it before using the FreeStyle LibreLink App*
  • Click the link below to download the Mobile Device Compatibility Guide
Check if your smartphone is compatible with FreeStyle LibreLink App*


Scan readiness

Unlock iPhone, open the app, and tap a scan button in the app to put the phone in a scan ready state before scanning the sensor


Scan technique

Scan the sensor with the top of the iPhone


Report navigation

When viewing a report, select from a dropdown menu to view other reports


Scan readiness

No additional action is required to put the phone in a 'scan ready' state when NFC is enabled


Scan technique

Scan the sensor with the back of the Android phone (position varies based on phone model)


Report navigation

When viewing a report, swipe through a 'carousel' to view other reports

Disclaimer – Images are for illustration purpose only. No actual patient data. Any person depicted in the photos is a model

Abbreviations: CGM: continuous glucose monitoring; ISF: interstitial fluid.