FreeStyle Libre in Pregnancy

FreeStyle Libre in Pregnancy

The FreeStyle Libre system is safe and accurate to use by pregnant women

Accuracy of the FreeStyle Libre system was unaffected by patient characteristics:16

  • Gestational diabetes mellitus
  • Any stage of pregnancy
  • Insulin therapy
  • Using metformin
  • Any age
  • BMI
Glucose monitoring during Pregnancy

Compared to SMBG, checking glucose with the FreeStyle Libre
system during pregnancy is:16

98 percent

Less stressful,
98% agree

94 percent

Easier to use,
94% agree

100 percent

Less painful,
100% agree

95 percent

More discreet,
95% agree

FreeStyle Libre can improve overall glucose management during pregnancy and helps you improve your glucose levels

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