Why is glucose monitoring important

Why is glucose monitoring important

Steady glucose control is an important part of glucose management3

An HbA1c test reflects your average blood sugar over the previous 3 months. Monitoring glucose and keeping it in the “target” range directly impacts your HbA1c

The benefits of glucose monitoring with FreeStyle Libre are:

cgm device
Reduce HbA1c3
Reduce the risk of low glucose events5,6
Reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications9
Reduce days of missed work15

FreeStyle Libre is proven to support better glucose control15

Of FreeStyle Libre users surveyed,


Report a better understanding of their glucose fluctuations15


Find it easier to regulate glucose around a meal15


Adjust insulin doses more frequently15

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Abbreviations: HbA1c: glycated haemoglobin; CGM: continuous glucose monitoring;