Freestyle Libre App

Freestyle Libre App

Introducing a smart connected system that helps you
make more informed decisions

Stay connected, stay supported

See your glucose on the app

Check your real-time glucose levels on your smartphone, automatically updated every minute

Connect to caregivers

The LibreLinkUp App# allows you to share your sugar readings and alarms with your family and friends

Connect to healthcare professionals

Use our cloud-based solution LibreView as an option to stay connected to your healthcare team

The simplest way to monitor glucose continuously

freestyle sensor applicator

Get your complete glucose picture conveniently on your smartphone.

freestyle libre sensor

Share your glucose data with your doctor or loved one to make smarter decisions together

freestyle libre reader

Spend more Time in Range for better glucose control.

Better glucose control with each scan1

Increased Time in Range2 by
1.2 hours per day10
Clinically significant A1c reductions2,3
Reduced Hypoglycemia2,6

Watch this video to get started with FreeStyle Libre

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