FreeStyle Libre - What is CGM

FreeStyle Libre - What is CGM

What is CGM?

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device helps you track your glucose levels throughout the day and night2. This can become a great way to stay updated on trends on whether your glucose levels are going up, down or staying steady.

How CGM works?

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1. Sensor Application

The Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensor is a self-applied device that sits partially beneath the skin*

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2. Data Insights

It measures interstitial glucose levels at regular intervals, which a reader can then scan for more detailed data insights!

Reader Reader

3. Scanning the readings

With every painless1 scan, the reader displays the current glucose reading and a glucose trend arrow that shows if glucose levels are going up, going down or staying steady.

Why should I use CGM?

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Get a full picture

CGM shows you where your glucose levels were, where they are and where they’re headed. It also helps you see the impact of food and physical activity on your glucose levels so you can see trends and patterns.

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No fingerpricks1

CGM uses a small sensor paired with your reader, which saves you from the pain of fingerpricks1

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Feel in control

CGM is clinically proven to significantly reduce hypoglycemia4,5,6 while also lowering HbA1c levels5,14,22

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