Clinical outcomes non insulin requiring diabetes

Clinical outcomes non insulin requiring diabetes

FreeStyle Libre is clinically proven to reduce HbA1c in people living with type 2 diabetes (T2D)13

Non-insulin therapy

 A1c inside a circle next to a wide blue downwards arrow showing a decrease of 1.6 percent.

After 22 weeks

In people with T2D who were using non-insulin therapy and FreeStyle Libre (p<0.001 vs. baseline A1c)13

A downward pointing yellow arrow.

Baseline A1c:


Follow-up A1c:


time in range cgm

More frequent scanning of the FreeStyle Libre sensor has been proven to increase Time in Range14

Use of the FreeStyle Libre system is associated with significant reduction in diabetes-related complications9,15

Reduction in work absenteeism by 58 percent

Reduction in work absenteeism

Use of FreeStyle Libre led to reduction in work absenteeism over 1 year15

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