FreeStyle Libre cgm Device

FreeStyle Libre cgm Device

What is Time in Range? (TIR)

Time in range (TIR) is a measure of time you spend in the target glucose range; the shaded area on your FreeStyle LibreLink App*, is known as Time in Target. FreeStyle Libre automatically calculates the percentage of time you spend in, above and below the target range. Increasing your TIR will have a direct impact on reducing your HbA1c3

blue arrow pointing upwards, with TIR 10 percent written on it

Every 10% increase in TIR can lower A1c by ~0.8%20

Clock symbolising 1 more hour

Every extra hour in range has a positive impact on your glucose control3

simple line drawing of two kidneys

Spending more TIR can reduce long-term health complications15

70 percent in a circle

Guidelines recommend spending at least 70% of your Time in Range (70 – 180 mg/dL)14

Using FreeStyle Libre has been proven to increase Time in Range14

graphic of clock and blue arrow pointing upwards - increases time in range by 43 percent

Here are different examples of Time In Range

Below are some helpful ways for you to understand how to read your glucose levels on the FreeStyle LibreLink App*

(For example: 70-180 mg/dL as Target Glucose Range)

graph showing 0 percent time in range
graph showing 50 percent time in range
graph showing 100 percent time in range

FreeStyle Libre gives you the tools to help you spend more Time in Range

Use the Time In Target report to help you see how food, activities and medications impact your glucose.
Check your glucose more often with a Painless4 one-second scan.

FreeStyle Libre Time in Range

Keep Your Glucose Levels

  • Steady

    Keep your average glucose (black line) as FLAT as possible

  • Tight

    Keep your graph (blue band) NARROW—less highs and lows

  • And in Range

    Keep your readings Within the Target Range

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