Caregivers can remotely monitor their loved ones' glucose readings, day and night using LibreLinkUp App#



Family members can download the LibreLinkUp App# to follow the glucose level of a child, elderly parent or other loved ones

FreeStyle LibreLink App* users can choose to share their glucose readings with other people via the LibreLinkUp App#

Available for both iPhone and Android

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Start sharing your glucose data using your FreeStyle LibreLink App*

Every FreeStyle LibreLink* scan is automatically sent on your caregiver's smartphone in LibreLinkUp App#

Up to 20 people can view results from a single FreeStyle LibreLink* account. LibreLinkUp# is compatible with Android and iPhone

When glucose is too high or too low, family members can help and support as soon as possible.

3 easy steps to stay connected

Disclaimer – Images are for illustration purpose only. No actual patient data. Any person depicted in the photos is a model

Abbreviations: CGM: continuous glucose monitoring; ISF: interstitial fluid.