FreeStyle Libre Consumer Stories

FreeStyle Libre Consumer Stories

Real People, Real Stories

See and hear real-life inspirational stories from FreeStyle Libre consumers. Learn about how they got freedom from finger pricks1, and how the FreeStyle Libre system helped them. Scroll down and get first-hand information on how smart glucose monitoring can transform your life

Watch Deeksha’s Story

Deeksha Dev, a young 24-year-old shares her story of dealing with Type 1 diabetes since the age of 3. Watch the video to know how FreeStyle Libre helped her transform her ways of glucose management and live a happy, fulfilled life.

Meet Om Dave

Om is a fun-loving, active, 17-year-old student and son who also has Type 1 diabetes. Watch him talk about his routine and how he manages his food intake, activity level and glucose levels to keep healthy.

Meet Amisha Shivdasani

Watch Amisha, a student and a model talk about her journey of discovering that she was diabetic at the age of 9 and how she balances a well-rounded lifestyle while managing her glucose levels.

Meet Sumeet Dhagia

Watch Sumeet talk about his life prior to a long, uncontrolled Type 1 diabetic period and how he has now been able to manage his glucose levels better, in a more informed and efficient manner.

Meet PJS Nayyar

An astute 63-year-old gentleman who cherishes both his work and his family. Watch his story to find out how he maintains his good health while managing Type 2 diabetes.

Spotlight on FreeStyle Libre Patients

Disclaimer - Images are for illustration purpose only. No actual patient data. Any person depicted in the photos is a model