FreeStyle Libre in Paediatric

FreeStyle Libre in Paediatric

Children and teenagers successfully improve their glucose control with the FreeStyle Libre system17

Proven clinical benefits in children and teenagers*

time in range up by 1hour per day

Increases Time In Range
by 1 hour/day17
(3.9 mmol to 10.0 mmol)

Daily finger pricks reduced by 27 percent

Reduces daily finger pricks17

a1c down by 0.4 percent

Significantly reduces A1c by 0.4%17

13 times

Increases the frequency of glucose monitoring17

94 percent

of teenagers made their own insulin dosing decisions, on >80% of occasions recorded in their diary17


FreeStyle Libre improves overall glucose management of children and helps caregivers manage glucose levels

Outstanding low-end accuracy when it matters most7

91.6 percent

91.6% accuracy of total readings within +-20mg/dl7

88.9 percent

88.9% accuracy within +_20mg/dl in low glucose range7

Parents and caregivers can rely on the FreeStyle Libre system to make treatment decisions without finger pricks1 even when glucose is low or falling

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