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The FreeStyle Libre system allows you to check your glucose with a
painless6 one-second scan, instead of a finger pricking.

Know your
FreeStyle Libre Reader

Check glucose anytime

With a one-second scan, you can check your glucose anytime you want. Each scan of the reader over the sensor shows a current glucose reading, the last 8 hours of data and a trend arrow indicating if glucose is going up, down or staying steady.

90 days of data

The reader stores 90 days of glucose data7, so you can see a complete picture of your glucose levels over 3 months.

More insights

With FreeStyle Libre, glucose levels are tracked continuously - so you can see patterns and trends.

Scan through clothing2

Use the FreeStyle Libre system and measure glucose discreetly. Don't let routine fingerpricks interrupt your lifestyle.

Dual capability testing

The test strip port measures blood glucose levels and blood ketone levels.



Apply the sensor to the back of your upper arm with the applicator.


A painless one-second scan is all you need to see your glucose readings.

Read out

See your current glucose reading, eight hours of data, and a trend arrow that shows you where your glucose is heading.


6. Haak, Thomas., et al. Flash glucose-sensing technology as a replacement for blood glucose monitoring for the management of insulin-treated type 2 diabetes: a multicenter, open-label randomized controlled trial. Diabetes Therapy 8.1 (2017): 55-73.

7. To get a 24-hour glycaemic picture, users need to scan at least once every 8 hours.

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