FreeStyle Libre - Clinical Studies, Flash Glucose Monitoring

Lesser time in hypoglycemia

Both T1DM and T2DM FreeStyle Libre users spent significantly less time in hypoglycemia(70 mg/dl)16.

FreeStyle Libre System

Increase in Time in Range

1 hour increase in Time in Range in persons with diabetes on the FreeStyle Libre system16.

Reduction in hospital admissions and work absenteeism

66% reduction in hospital admissions with the FreeStyle Libre system over 1 year17.

FreeStyle Libre System for T1 and T2 Diabetes

58% reduction in work absenteeism17.

FreeStyle Libre System for T1 and T2 Diabetes

Improvement in quality of life

95% report a better understanding of his or her glucose fluctuation17.

FreeStyle Libre System

92% find it easier to regulate glucose around a meal17.

FreeStyle Libre System


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17. Fokkert M, van Dijk P, Edens M, et al. Improved well-being and decreased disease burden after 1-year use of flash glucose monitoring (FLARE-NL4). BMJ Open Diab Res Care 2019;7:e000809. doi:10.1136/bmjdrc-2019-000809.

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