A man and woman preparing food. She's wearing a freestyle libre sensor.
A man and woman preparing food. She's wearing a freestyle libre sensor.
A man and woman preparing food. She's wearing a freestyle libre sensor.

Diabetes care during covid, diabetes care tips

Dealing with diabetes care during COVID of a family member can be tricky. Depending on your relationship, whether you’re the partner, parent, grandparent, friend, or even child, you will have to support your loved one in different ways, but there are many diabetes control tips that will help any caregiver. Diabetes care during COVID for both the diabetic member of your family as well as yourself is especially important. Here are some diabetes care tips below:

Diabetes care tip #1: Educate yourself

Read all you can about diabetes, how it affects the body and mind, and the best diabetes control tips. Dispelling any and all myths surrounding diabetes is important- knowing that your loved one doesn’t have to give up sweets forever and actually just needs a regular, balanced and nutritious diet will make all the difference. As will knowing how important a good diabetes exercise plan and diabetes care device is. In these times, reading about diabetes care during COVID is also important.

Diabetes care tip #2: Adapt to their new lifestyle or incorporate it into your own

If you’re living with them, then their new diabetes exercise plan and food choices will affect yours as well. A healthy diet and an exercise routine are the best ways to control your diabetes. Whether you’re both going to have the same meals or cook separately, discuss and decide.

For exercise as well- it’s important for diabetics to get some exercise every day. If that’s time you usually spend watching TV or out with friends, you may need to readjust in order for your loved one to live their healthiest life. You may have to set aside time to measure their diabetes sugar level with a diabetes care device in the middle of the day, or several times a day.

If it’s a child, you’ll have to explain to them that this new lifestyle is necessary in order to control your diabetes. A diabetes eating plan and diabetes exercise plan that you both can stick to is a great way to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Diabetes care tip #3: Ask for help and diabetes control tips when needed

You may need to learn to cook new recipes, or learn how to test your loved one’s diabetes sugar level with a diabetes care device. It is difficult to have to do everything alone. Rope in other family members, friends, and trusted individuals like schoolteachers, grandparents, and nannies to help.

A friend who’s great at cooking may be able to help you make a whole new menu. A doctor in the family may be able to teach you how to properly check your diabetes sugar level with a diabetes care device. Especially if your child has diabetes, you don’t want it to be that if you are not around, their needs won’t be taken care of. If you are not around, make sure someone else knows what to do. Depending on their age, explain the basics to them as well.

Diabetes care tip #4: Communicate

Suddenly having to deal with a condition such as diabetes with an all-new diabetes exercise plan, diabetes care devices, and diabetes control tips, constant vigilance over diabetes sugar levels, and extra diabetes care during COVID, can bring a whole host of complicated feelings and emotions. It’s important to check in with your loved one and ask them how they are doing emotionally and mentally. It’s likely that there will be frustration, anxiety, worry, and even anger about their recent diagnosis. Life has changed forever, after all. Ensure your loved one has enough space to talk about their feelings.

Diabetes care tip #5: Take care of yourself

You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself. To be a caregiver, you first need to be both physically and mentally healthy. That means eating the right food, sleeping enough, and exercising, as well as finding space to talk about your journey as a caregiver and the challenges you face. Finding a support group and friends who are in the same position as you can be of great help.

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