A man and woman preparing food. She's wearing a freestyle libre sensor.
A man and woman preparing food. She's wearing a freestyle libre sensor.
A man and woman preparing food. She's wearing a freestyle libre sensor.

Continuous glucose monitoring devices

There are two types of glucose monitoring devices. The first are traditional devices, which comprise a glucose monitor, lancet, and finger pricking. Through a traditional device you get your current glucose levels every time you test your glucose. While every glucose test machine provides your blood glucose levels, traditional machines only give you a snapshot of your glucose levels. If your levels change after an hour, after eating, or after exercise, you would have to test yourself again to find out.

The process of pricking your finger on a glucose test machine to check your glucose levels several times a day can get painful and tiring, especially if you’re having a busy day at work or at home. You will have to constantly excuse yourself to check your glucose levels throughout the day, whether you’re in the middle of meetings or a get-together.

That’s why an increasing number of people are now turning to a different way of measuring glucose levels which is pain-free. Unlike traditional glucose test machines, continuous glucose monitoring devices don’t require any finger pricking. Instead, CGM devices come with sensors that can be painlessly put on your body. While traditional devices measure the amount of glucose in the blood, continuous glucose monitoring devices measure the glucose levels in the interstitial fluid that sits in between the cells of the body.

Once the Abbott FreeStyle Libre Sensor is on your body, you can test your glucose whenever you need to, as many times a day as you need to. With the Abbott FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring device, you can scan the Sensor with a Reader anytime for up to 14 days.

The FreeStyle Libre system can give up to 1440 readings a day. The more frequently you check your glucose levels, the better idea you get of how different foods and activities affect your glucose levels, which is why the information the FreeStyle Libre system gives you will help you manage your glucose levels better than other glucose test machines.

Continuous glucose monitoring devices give you your current glucose levels, up to 8 hours of data, and a trend arrow indicating whether your glucose levels will go up, down, or stay steady. If you are someone who needs to check your glucose levels multiple times a day, the Abbott FreeStyle Libre system is ideal for you. By checking your glucose levels multiple times, you can narrow down which foods and activities cause your glucose levels to spike, and limit foods and activities as needed.

The Reader can also store up to 90 days of data and is proven to improve HBA1c levels, making managing glucose levels easier than with normal glucose test machines.

In our fast and rapidly changing modern world, we can no longer rely on traditional glucose test machines. continuous glucose monitoring devices are the way to go. The FreeStyle Libre system is painless, efficient, and convenient. Once you monitor your glucose levels with devices such as the Abbott FreeStyle Libre, managing your glucose levels will be easier than ever.

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