FreeStyle Optium

The only meter that tests blood glucose and blood ketone readings in the same meter. 

An ultrathin, lightweight meter that fits in your pocket.

FreeStyle Optium Neo meter1

Accurate: Meets the new ISO 15197:2013 criteria for clinical accuracy.

Measures blood glucose levels and blood ketone levels with different strips in the same meter.

Fast: Blood Glucose testing in 5 seconds, blood ketone testing in 10 seconds.

Tiny blood sample, with no coding required.

Large, easy-to-read, high-contrast screen.

Unique insulin logging features.

Tells you when your blood glucose levels need attention.


FreeStyle Optium Neo strips1

Safe: Individually foiled-wrapped test strips help prevent contamination. Also has GermiGuard protection.

Tiny blood sample, no coding required.

Blood ketone strips measure β-Hydroxybutyrate considered as ‘Gold Standard’ in management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Blood glucose strips are available in pack of 25's and pack of 50's.

Blood ketone strips are available in pack of 10's.



1. Data on file: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

ADC-28471 v1.0 10/20

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