NICE now recommends Hybrid Closed Loop (HCL) systems for selected people with type 1 diabetes2

The new NICE technology appraisal recommendation means more people with type 1 diabetes qualify for HCL systems. Choose the FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor which is authorized to work with the mylife Loop1 AID system. Find out more.

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FreeStyle Optium Neo

A blood Glucose and Ketone monitoring system for anyone living with diabetes.

A hand holding the FreeStyle Optium neo device.
A hand holding the FreeStyle Optium neo device.
A hand holding the FreeStyle Optium neo device.


Fast and accurate blood glucose testing

No coding and small sample size needed.

Blood glucose trend indicators

Notifies you when you may be experiencing hypo- or hyperglycaemic trends. Arrows flash if your test results are high or low within the same time period over a few days.

Insulin dose guide

Stores and displays the insulin dose guidance from your Healthcare Team. You can tap up or down arrows to accurately log your insulin dose.

Insulin logging

Allows you to log insulin doses in just a few taps and review previously logged insulin doses. Helps you avoid mistakes such as skipping a dose or taking the same dose twice.

Test strip port 

Also tests blood ketones.

What to expect

  • Guides you in taking a more active role in managing your blood glucose trends

  • Helps you stay on track with your prescribed insulin regimen

  • Stores both insulin doses and blood glucose results so you can see how your glucose levels are affected by the insulin you take1

  • Ultra-thin and lightweight to fit in your pocket

  • Large, high contrast, easy to use press screen display

  • Step-by-step set up guide

  • 25 test strips

  • FreeStyle Optium Neo meter

  • Carry case

  • 10 Lancets

  • Lancing device

  • USB cable

How to use the lancing device

1. Remove Lancing Device Cap
2. Insert Lancet into Lancet Holder
3. Twist off the Lancet Cover
4. Replace Lancing Device cap
5. Set the Depth Setting
6. Cock the Slider
7. Select your preferred test site
8. Dispose of in accordance with local waste regulations
Time and Date Setup
Testing your Blood Glucose
Performing a Blood Ketone Test
Low and High Blood Glucose Results
Viewing your Logbook Events
Reviewing your Blood Glucose Averages
Mealtime Insulin Dose Adjustments

References & Disclaimers

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Not real patient or data.

1.  The meter logbook can store up to 1,000 events including blood glucose, ketone, and control solution results, insulin doses, and other meter information.