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Living with diabetes is different for everyone.
Discover how people are using the FreeStyle Libre portfolio to better manage theirs and their loved-one’s diabetes.

Here is Jack’s story

We hear from professional Ocean Sailor Jack Trigger and what managing diabetes means to him.

Here is Michaela’s story

We’ve been asking our FreeStyle diabetes community –‘What does ‘This is Diabetes’ mean to you?’

Here is Johnny Bailey’s story

Newly diagnosed during lockdown, FreeStyle Libre Ambassador Johnny Bailey talks about what diabetes means to him, and the impact of diabetes on his life.

The FreeStyle Libre Blog

Explore our blog for more real-life stories, podcasts and news
about the FreeStyle Libre systems^.

Diabetes – No Longer Just a Side Dish In My Life

By Reepzy, diabetes tech advocate living with Type 1.

Type 1 Times 2

By Mary Murphy, an engineer, a person with Type 1 and a parent of a child with Type 1.

Thriving in the workplace

Real stories from the computing, tech and digital industry on how do you manage your diabetes?

Making the same childhood memories.

I think it’s fair to say we’ve all had an extremely tough year.

Discover the FreeStyle Libre Portfolio

The FreeStyle Libre portfolio of products and apps exist to empower you to make better diabetes self-management choices.

FreeStyle Libre portfolio

References & Disclaimers

^ FreeStyle Libre, FreeStyle Libre 2 and FreeStyle Libre 3 systems are part of the same family of products.