IMPORTANT: FreeStyle Precision Neo blood glucose meters are no longer available in pharmacies. Consider the FreeStyle Lite system if you’re looking for another that’s available at most pharmacies where diabetes products are sold.

Which sites on my body can I use to test my blood glucose levels?

You can test your blood glucose levels on your upper arm, forearm, fingertip or base of the thumb. Use only fingertip blood samples for blood ketone testing. 

How many glucose tests can my FreeStyle Precision Neo logbook store in its memory?

The logbook can store up to 1,000 events – including blood glucose results and insulin doses. 

How long is the battery life?

The FreeStyle Precision Neo meter can do up to 3,000 tests on one battery. 

What is the glucose result range of the FreeStyle Precision Neo meter?

The glucose range of the FreeStyle Precision Neo meter is 1.1-27.8 mmol/L. 

What is the ketone result range of the FreeStyle Precision Neo meter?

The ketone range of the FreeStyle Precision Neo meter is 0.0-8.0 mmol/L. 

What test strips should I use?

The FreeStyle Precision Neo meter is compatible with FreeStyle Precision blood glucose test strips and FreeStyle Precision blood β-ketone test strips. 

How do I use the test strip?

  1. Grip it! Separate one foil-wrapped strip from the pack.
  2. Rip it! Open the foil test strip packet at the notch and tear down to remove the test strip.
  3. Slip it! Insert the test strip into the meter as shown until it stops. The drop icon will blink.
  4. Perform blood glucose test. For complete directions on how to use the test strip, please refer to your product manual.

Which software do I need to install on my computer?

You need to install the FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo software. The latest version of our simple software helps you and your physician better understand what’s happening with your blood glucose levels over time. 

What if I have more questions about my meter?

Download the FreeStyle Precision Neo owner’s manual for important information about your blood glucose monitoring system.

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