Explaining the FreeStyle Libre System Kit

Abbott's FreeStyle Libre System is easy to use and painless, making it the #1 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System trusted by nearly 4.5 million users worldwide. While other glucose monitoring devices require finger pricks to measure your blood glucose, the FreeStyle Libre system is a continuous monitoring device that only requires you to wear a Sensor on your arm for up to two weeks, and scan that sensor with the reader anytime you want a reading.

The Reader provides you with not only your current glucose reading, but also hours of data, and a trend arrow showing which way your glucose levels are going. Once you’ve ordered the FreeStyle Libre system Kit, both the Reader and the Sensor will arrive in two separate boxes.

The FreeStyle Libre Sensor kit includes a sensor, a sensor applicator, and an instruction guide.The Sensor is small and discreet. It’s compact and lightweight, and measures your blood glucose levels day and night for up to 14 days. It’s painless, and easy to apply with the applicator that comes with it.

The Sensor must be applied to the back of your upper arm, where it can be worn under clothing as well without any problem, and still be scanned by the reader. The Sensor can be worn while exercising and sleeping, and it’s water resistant quality enables it to be worn while bathing and swimming as well.

The Sensor provides accurate, stable, and consistent readings over 14 days without any need for fingerpicking calibrations.33 After 14 days, you will have to re-order the Sensor to use the glucose monitoring device again.

The other part of the FreeStyle System kit is the Reader. The Reader kit includes the Reader, a USB cable, an instruction guide, power adapter, and user manual. To get a reading from the Sensor, you must scan the Reader over the Sensor for just a second.

You can take a one-second scan and obtain your current glucose levels anytime you want. Each scan of the reader shows a current glucose reading, the last eight hours of data, and a trend arrow indicating if the glucose is going up, down, or staying steady. The reader stores 90 days of glucose data, so you can obtain a clear picture of your glucose levels over 3 months.

Since your glucose levels are being tracked continuously, you can see patterns and trends in your blood glucose levels that can help you identify what foods cause your blood glucose levels to spike, what times of the day they spike, and what reduces them. The reader also has dual capability testing, with a test strip port that measures blood glucose levels and ketone levels.

The Abbott FreeStyle Libre system kit is easy to use and can be purchased from Lazada, Shopee and selected pharmacies (Caring, AA, Alpro, BIG, Healthlane).

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