FreeStyle Libre Pro

FreeStyle Libre Pro

FreeStyle Libre Pro gives complete glucose profile report in the form of 'Ambulatory Glucose Profile'.

Discover the FreeStyle Libre Pro system

What is FreeStyle Libre Pro

What is it?

A continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system consisting of a handheld reader, and a glucose sensor worn on your arm.

How does FreeStyle Libre Sensor Work.

How does it work?

The Sensor uses a very thin filament inserted just under the skin to automatically records glucose level every 15 minutes to provide more insightful patterns.

Benefits of FreeStyle Libre Pro

Benefits to Healthcare Professionals

The reader stays in the clinic where Healthcare Professional will use it to view glucose data. One reader can scan multiple patients, minimize waiting time and scheduling issues.

The FreeStyle Libre sensor

FreeStyle Libre SensorFreeStyle Libre Sensor

Small, discreet6, and comfortable to wear

Painless6 and easy to apply14
Easily apply the sensor with the disposable applicator which stays on the back of your upper arm for 14 days.

Water resistant so you can shower, swim, bathe and exercise**

Integrates into daily life
The Sensor automatically measures glucose levels. Your healthcare professional will use a reader to view your glucose data.

Wear for up to 14 days

The FreeStyle Libre Pro reader

FreeStyle Libre Pattern

Check glucose anytime
Each scan of the reader over the sensor shows a current glucose reading. The reader displays the last 8 hours of data and a trend arrow indicating if glucose is going up, down or staying steady.

More insights
The reader gives you a 24 Hour glucose snapshot including your Time in Target, which can help you make lifestyle changes to better manage your glucose.

Scan through clothing#
Use the FreeStyle Libre Pro system and measure glucose discreetly.

Daily Patterns with Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP)

AGP offers a standardized visualization of glucose data that is reliable, predictive, and actionable. The glucose data, generated by FreeStyle Libre Pro over several days or weeks, is collapsed into a single 24-hour period, creating a view of a modal day.

This view reveals underlying patterns in glucose variability to a greater extent than using HbA1c by itself.

AGP allows healthcare professionals to more effectively visualize and utilize glucose data in the clinical management. AGP identifies areas of hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and glucose variability.

FreeStyle Libre Daily Glucose Summary

Daily Glucose Summary

With ‘Daily Glucose Summary’ report, it is easier to know patient’s ‘Time in Target’.

FreeStyle Libre Pattern

Disclaimer – Images are for illustration purpose only. No actual patient data. Any person depicted in the photos is a model

Abbreviations: CGM: continuous glucose monitoring, AGP: Ambulatory Glucose Profile