Inspirational User Stories - Now you know

Inspirational User Stories - Now you know

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Goodbye to routine finger pricking

Rossana U

I am able to monitor my glucose levels during odd hours of the morning

Eric B

No more excuses!

Nikole M

A young woman wearing her Freestyle Libre sensor leans against a wall and smiles at the camera.
“Yay for #TeamFreeStyleLibre! It is SO EASY to check my glucose now! Goodbye to routine finger pricking!!! I just scan the sensor which I’ve placed on the back of my upper arm, and I get my glucose readings instantly.”

- Rossana Unson
"With FreeStyle Libre, I am able to monitor my glucose levels during odd hours of the morning, without having to get up and prick my finger every time, not a welcome thought when you have to wake yourself up from sleep and doing the “deed” while feeling drowsy and sleepy."

- Eric Bergara
A man wearing a Covid face mask and eye protection holds his Freestyle Libre reader over the sensor on his arm
A young woman shows the Freestyle Libre sensor she is wearing, to the camera.
“No more excuses, I am monitoring my glucose to a whole new level with the Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System.”

- Nikole Mats
"I’m discovering new technologies to manage my diabetes and this answers a lot of my questions. Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System can help a lot of diabetics to understand their condition and provide accurate data to medical professionals so they could diagnose better."

- John Michael Bueno
A young man shows the Freestyle Libre sensor he's wearing to the camera.
A woman sits on her bed and reads the instruction manual to her new Freestyle Libre system.
“The FreeStyle Libre System is definitely more accurate! Just scan the handheld reader over the sensor and it gives you your glucose data in just a second.”

- Vance Madrid

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