Know your glucose level and where it is heading - Now you know

Know your glucose level and where it is heading - Now you know

Steady glucose control is an important part of diabetes management4

An HbA1c test reflects your average blood sugar over the previous 3 months. Monitoring glucose and keeping it in the “target” range directly impacts your HbA1c. The benefits of glucose monitoring with FreeStyle Libre are:4

The handheld reader and glucose sensor surrounded by the 5 benefits of monitoring your glucose with FreeStyle Libre - Reduce HbA1c  - Reduce the risk of hypos  - Reduce days of missed work - Reduce risk of diabetes-related complications - Reduce the risk of being hospitalised from a hypo
Reduce HbA1c2
Reduce the risk of hypos3,4

Reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications, including5

  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Vision loss
Reduce days of missed work6
Reduce the risk of being hospitalized from a hypo6,7

FreeStyle Libre is proven to support better glucose control13

Of FreeStyle Libre users surveyed,


Report a better understanding of their glucose fluctuations13


Find it easier to regulate glucose around a meal13


Adjust insulin doses more frequently14

Abbreviations: A1c: glycated haemoglobin; CGM: continuous glucose monitoring; hypo: hypoglycemic event.

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