Simply scan to get insights about your glucose levels

Use your FreeStyle Libre 2 system or FreeStyle Libre 14 day system* to test your glucose levels with a simple scan wherever and whenever you need to. When you scan your sensor you’ll see a:


Current reading of your glucose levels
Glucose trend arrow that helps you see if your glucose levels are normal, on the rise, or dropping
Graph showing 8 hours of glucose history
Woman scanning her FreeStyle Libre sensor to view her glucose levels insights

Explore the data your FreeStyle LibreLink * app can show you

Learn more about the data on your reader

Gain a deeper understanding of the difference between interstitial fluid and blood glucose

The sensor is designed to stay on for up to 14 days. Your reader or app* will alert you when it’s time to remove. Pull up the adhesive edge that keeps the sensor attached to your skin, then slowly peel from your skin in a single motion.
When replacing your sensor remember to choose a different spot on the back of your upper arm to apply the new sensor. This will help avoid skin irritation.
Some products that can be helpful for removal, but are optional:

  • Baby Oil: Soft moisturizer 
  • Remove™ Adhesive: Removes adhesive residue on the skin 
  • UNI-SOLVE™ Adhesive Remover: Formulated to reduce adhesive trauma to the skin by thoroughly dissolving dressing

Watch how to remove your sensor

Get tips and tricks on removing your sensor

Customize your glucose alarms

The FreeStyle Libre 2 system features optional, real-time glucose alarms that let you know when your glucose is high or low. The alarms will even trigger at night—so you can rest assured knowing you or your child are covered around the clock. 

Learn how to customize the alarms on your FreeStyle Libre 2 system

Woman viewing blood glucose alarm on the FreeStyle Libre 2 reader

Best way to view glucose reports

Use LibreView,# the cloud-based diabetes management system to upload your data and create easy-to-read glucose reports for you and to share with your healthcare professional.

Man using LibreView to view his glucose report

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*The FreeStyle LibreLink app is only compatible with certain mobile devices and operating systems. Please check our website for more information about device compatibility before using the app. Use of the FreeStyle LibreLink app requires registration with LibreView.

The information below does not constitute an endorsement of the manufacturer or the product quality. Abbott Diabetes Care is not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of product information. Product availability may vary by country and region. The manufacturer’s instructions for use of each product should be followed.

Glucose readings are not available during 1-hour warm-up, when sensor is too hot or too cold, when you see an error or “LO” or “HI” message, or no current glucose reading.

§FreeStyle Libre 2 system: Fingersticks are required if your glucose alarms and readings do not match symptoms or when you see Check Blood Glucose symbol during the first 12 hours.

ǁFreeStyle Libre 14 day system: Fingersticks are required for treatment decisions when you see Check Blood Glucose symbol, when symptoms do not match system readings, when you suspect readings may be inaccurate, or when you experience symptoms that may be due to high or low blood glucose.

Notifications will only be received when alarms are turned on and the sensor is within 20 feet of the reading device.

#The LibreView data management software is intended for use by both patients and healthcare professionals to assist people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals in the review, analysis and evaluation of historical glucose meter data to support effective diabetes management. The LibreView software is not intended to provide treatment decisions or to be used as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

** or ♢Eligible patients will receive one (1) FreeStyle Libre 14 day sensor or one (1) FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor and reader at $0 copay. The expiration date of the voucher is 60 days from the issue date. This program is not available for patients with gestational diabetes. Only patients 18 and older are eligible to receive an offer for the FreeStyle Libre 14 day sensor, and patients 4 and older are eligible to receive an offer for the FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor and reader. This offer is void where prohibited by law. Abbott may modify or rescind this offer at any time without notice. The discounts are not available to beneficiaries of Medicare, Medicaid or other federal or state healthcare programs or residents of Massachusetts, Puerto Rico and other US territories. The free FreeStyle Libre 14 day sensor or FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor and reader is provided as a sample and is limited to one NDC per eligible person. The FreeStyle Libre 14 day sensor or FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor and reader cannot be re-sold, traded nor submitted to any third party payer for reimbursement and is not provided as any inducement for future purchases. The free sample card is not health insurance.

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Indications and Important Safety Information

FreeStyle Libre 14 day system: The FreeStyle Libre 14 day Flash Glucose Monitoring System is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device indicated for the management of diabetes in persons age 18 and older. It is designed to replace blood glucose testing for diabetes treatment decisions. The System detects trends and tracks patterns aiding in the detection of episodes of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, facilitating both acute and long-term therapy adjustments. Interpretation of the System readings should be based on the glucose trends and several sequential readings over time. The System is intended for single patient use and requires a prescription.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Remove the sensor before MRI, CT scan, X-ray, or diathermy treatment.

WARNINGS/LIMITATIONS: Do not ignore symptoms that may be due to low or high blood glucose, hypoglycemic unawareness, or dehydration. Check sensor glucose readings with a blood glucose meter when Check Blood Glucose symbol appears, when symptoms do not match system readings, or when readings are suspected to be inaccurate. The FreeStyle Libre 14 day system does not have alarms unless the sensor is scanned, and the system contains small parts that may be dangerous if swallowed. The FreeStyle Libre 14 day system is not approved for pregnant women, persons on dialysis, or critically-ill population. Sensor placement is not approved for sites other than the back of the arm and standard precautions for transmission of blood borne pathogens should be taken. The built-in blood glucose meter is not for use on dehydrated, hypotensive, in shock, hyperglycemic-hyperosmolar state, with or without ketosis, neonates, critically-ill patients, or for diagnosis or screening of diabetes. When using FreeStyle LibreLink app, access to a blood glucose monitoring system is required as the app does not provide one. Review all product information before use or contact Abbott Toll Free (855-632-8658) (or visit www.freestylelibre.us) for detailed indications for use and safety information. For full indications for use and safety information, see more here.

FreeStyle Libre 2 system: The FreeStyle Libre 2 Flash Glucose Monitoring System is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device with real time alarms capability indicated for the management of diabetes in persons age 4 and older.*

WARNINGS/LIMITATIONS*: The System must not be used with automated insulin dosing (AID) systems, including closed loop and insulin suspend systems. Remove the sensor before MRI, CT scan, X-ray, or diathermy treatment. Do not take high doses of vitamin C (more than 500 mg per day), as this may falsely raise your Sensor readings. Failure to use the System according to the instructions for use may result in missing a severe low blood glucose or high blood glucose event and/or making a treatment decision that may result in injury. If glucose alarms and readings from the System do not match symptoms or expectations, use a fingerstick blood glucose value to make diabetes treatment decisions. Seek medical attention when appropriate and contact Abbott Toll Free (855-632-8658) or visit * www.freestylelibre.us for detailed indications for use and safety information.

*Please refer to www.freestylelibre.us for the indications and important safety information.

The product images are for illustrative purposes only.

The circular shape of the sensor housing, FreeStyle, Libre, and related brand marks are marks of Abbott. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

No use of any Abbott trademark, trade name, or trade dress in this site may be made without prior written authorization of Abbott Laboratories, except to identify the product or services of the company.

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