LibreViewa is a secure, cloud-based diabetes management system that gives you and your doctor clear, easy-to-understand reports1




Connect to a practice

using the FreeStyle LibreLink appb

“Connect to a Practice” is a FreeStyle LibreLink feature that lets you easily share your glucose data with your doctor’s practice through LibreViewa,1



Discover glucose patterns and trends

Your glucose data is automatically uploaded to LibreView, a cloud-based system that enables your doctor to access reports, on-demand1

Click here to learn how to connect to your doctor

or follow the below simple steps:

Easy to start sharing your glucose data using your FreeStyle LibreLink app

Option 1:3
You connect to your doctor

1. Ask your healthcare professorial for their LibreView Practice ID. A Practice ID is a unique code associated with each LibreView practice.

2. In LibreView, go to the Settings menu and select Account Settings.

3- Click My Practices.

4- Enter the Practice ID given by your healthcare professional and click Add. You should now see their information in your practice list.


Your doctor sends you an invitation to share your glucose

Option 2:3
Accept practice invitation

Your doctor’s ofice will send an invitation to share your glucose data. The invitation can be accepted in either of two ways:

1. Click on “Accept Invitation” in the email

2. Accept the invitation directly in the FreeStyle LibreLink appb

Go to:
Menu > Connected Apps > LibreView > Pending Invitations > Accept



Easy to set up a connection to your doctor’s practice through the FreeStyle LibreLink app


Once connected, your glucose data is automatically shared to your doctor’s LibreView account.


Your doctor can access glucose reports on demand, to support more productive conversations

Giving you and your doctor the information you need1

Now, with LibreView you can see intuitive reports with information to help guide your actions and quickly share glucose information with your doctor.



Quickly scan for glucose values

Scan your sensor with the FreeStyle LibreLink app on your compatible smartphone. The scanned values ​​are automatically transmitted to the web-based diabetes management system LibreView. 


Analyze FreeStyle Libre data online

View clear reports and glucose history online in the web-based diabetes management system LibreView and share them with your healthcare professional team.


Simply share glucose readings

Each scan with FreeStyle LibreLink automatically updates in the LibreLinkUp app allowing your caregivers or family members to be informed and part of your diabetes management.

Do you have further questions about LibreView?

More information is available at

LibreView online help:

For further information please contact our Customer Service Team


Images and simulated data for illustrative purposes only. Not real patient or data.

For children aged 4-12, a caregiver at least 18 years old is responsible for supervising, managing, and assisting them in using the FreeStyle Libre system and interpreting its readings.​

a. The LibreView website is only compatible with certain operating systems and browsers. Please check for additional information.1

b. The FreeStyle LibreLink app is only compatible with certain mobile devices and operating systems2. Please check the website for more information about device compatibility before using the app. Use of FreeStyle LibreLink requires registration with LibreView. Automatic upload requires a wireless internet connection or mobile data connection.


1. LibreView Quick Start Guide for Professionals. 

2. FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system User's Manual.

3. LibreView Quick Start Guide for Patients.


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