FreeStyle Libre Sensor

The FreeStyle Libre sensor continuously measures your glucose levels, day and night, without the need for finger pricking1.

This small, discreet and water-resistant2 sensor is worn on the back of your upper arm and lasts for up to 14 days whilst you shower, bathe, swim, exercise or play.

  • Monitor your glucose without painful3 finger pricking

    The FreeStyle Libre system does not measure blood glucose but measures interstitial fluid glucose.  A thin, small and flexible filament is placed approximate 5 mm under your skin.

  • Wear your FreeStyle Libre sensor for up to 14 days

    Values ​​accurate to the minute for up to 14 days - without finger pricking.

  • Clear reports

    Simple reports make it possible to see the glucose history after meals, exercise or while sleeping. Better diabetes management is possible in this way.

  • Easy to share glucose data

    Glucose data can be shared with your caregivers, family or healthcare team using LibreView4 and the FreeStyle LibreLink5 and LibreLinkUp apps6.

Sensor Freestyle Libre

14-day sensor

No calibration needed7


Continuously measures glucose day and night8

Scans through clothing9


The FreeStyle Libre sensor is applied on to the back of the upper arm with a simple, disposable device called an applicator.
When the sensor is applied, a thin, flexible and sterile fibre is inserted just under the skin. It is held in place with a small adhesive pad.


To obtain a glucose reading, simply perform a quick, painless3 1-second scan of the app over the sensor.
This scan gives you more information than monitoring with blood glucose test strips, without the need for finger pricks1.


Each scan over the sensor gives a current glucose reading, the last 8 hours of glucose history, and a trend arrow showing if glucose is going up, down, or changing slowly.

Choosing the site

Select an area on the back of your upper arm, avoiding areas with moles, scarring, or recent insulin injections. Select a different site than the one most recently used.

Preparing your skin

Clean the skin with soap and water, dry the skin, wipe skin with an alcohol swab (let it air-dry) before proceeding. The site selected on the back of the upper arm should be clean-shaven.

Applying the sensor

The sensor pack and sensor applicator are packaged as a set.

FreeStyle LibreLink


Get glucose insights on your compatible phone

Check  your  smartphone is  compatible to download and use the FreeStyle LibreLink app5

Note that the FreeStyle LibreLink application is only compatible with select phone models that have the NFC functionality. Many smartphone models are already compatible with the FreeStyle LibreLink app. Here is a list of models that are compatible.

Do you have any further questions about FreeStyle Libre?

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Images and simulated data for illustrative purposes only. Not real patient or data.

1. Finger pricks are required if glucose readings do not match symptoms or expectations.

2. Sensor is water-resistant in up to 1 meter (3 feet) of water. Do not immerse longer than 30 minutes. Not to be used above 10,000 feet.

3. In a study conducted by Abbott Diabetes Care, 92% of patients surveyed (n=119) patients agree that it was painless or almost painless to apply the sensor.

4. The LibreView website is only compatible with certain operating systems and browsers. Please check for additional information.

5. The FreeStyle LibreLink app is only compatible with certain mobile devices and operating systems. Please check the website for more information about device compatibility before using the app. Use of FreeStyle LibreLink requires registration with LibreView. Automatic upload requires a wireless internet connection or mobile data connection.

6. The LibreLinkUp app is only compatible with certain mobile device and operating systems. Please check for more information about device compatibility before using the app. Use of LibreLinkUp and FreeStyle LibreLink requires registration with LibreView. The LibreLinkUp mobile app is not intended to be a primary glucose monitor: home users must consult their primary device(s) and consult a healthcare professional before making any medical interpretation and therapy adjustments from the information provided by the app.

7. Alva S. et al. 2020. Accuracy of a 14-Day Factory-Calibrated Continuous Glucose Monitoring System With Advanced Algorithm in Pediatric and Adult Population With Diabetes.

8. For a complete glycemic picture scan once every 8 hours.

9. The reader can capture data from the sensor when it is within 1cm to 4cm of the sensor.

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